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Clinical Trials Day 2023

We are the Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre

We bring together a wealth of expertise built on the experience of the Liverpool Trials Collaborative which has held full registration status with the UK Clinical Research Collaboration CTU network since its establishment in 2007.

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We have more than twenty years’ experience of delivering high impact cancer clinical trials, from early phase single centre studies to large multi-national pivotal trials that have improved outcomes for patients with cancer.

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Paediatric, foetal and maternal health

Paediatric trials require specialist understanding. We have a 15 year track record for the design and conduct of successful paediatric national and international clinical trials that impact how children are treated.

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The aim of our surgical portfolio is to improve the outcomes for surgical patients.

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Clinical Specialties

Our clinical specialties portfolio allows us to be responsive to local and national health needs and priorities. It includes cardiovascular and infection.

Patient and Public Involvement
Patient and public involvement (PPI) in research is research carried out "with" or "by" patients or members of the public rather than "to", "about" or "for" them.
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International Clinical Trials Day - May 20th 2022

LCTC celebrate the people who conduct clinical trials, the patients who participate in them, and the positive impact trials have on so many lives.

Clinical Directorate Newsletter

On International Clinical Trials Day LCTC has taken over the Clinical Directorate Newsletter.

Celebrate International Clinical Trials Day - May 20th 2021

The LCTC team have taken some well-deserved ‘time out’ to celebrate Clinical Trials Day.

LCTC Celebrating Success Event -14th June 2021

As part of the celebrations to mark International Clinical Trials Day the LCTC will be hosting an event to showcase the results of recently completed trials.

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We specialise in the development and delivery of large, multi-centre clinical trials.
Writing a Statistical Analysis Plan
As well as managing studies we regularly work with methodologists to undertake research aimed at improving the design and delivery of clinical trials. One such project is the Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) Guidelines.

Increasing calls for transparency, reproducibility and data sharing within clinical trials have led to a greater emphasis on the early development and publication of well written Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs).

To address a variation in practice a minimum set of items for SAPs was agreed with funders, regulatory authorities, journals and researchers. A downloadable version of the SAP checklist is available here.

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