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The Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre

What we are

Liverpool University, Victoria Gallery and museum

The Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre is a leading UK clinical trials unit and methodological research group. We bring together a wealth of expertise built on the experience of the Liverpool Trials Collaborative which has held full registration status with the UK Clinical Research Collaboration CTU network since its establishment in 2007. We are based in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at the University of Liverpool, a member of the Liverpool Health Partners.

What we do

We work with the NHS and commercial partners, patients and the public to contribute to the identification and evaluation of new and innovative treatments and devices.

We have particular expertise in personalised medicine, surgical interventions, and re-purposing of and establishing evidence for existing treatments used within the NHS.

In partnership with other trials methodologists we contribute to the advancement of methods to improve the design and delivery of clinical trials.

We support the development of increased capacity for conducting clinical trials locally and nationally by encouraging the development of clinicians, healthcare professionals, and trials methodologists as leaders in clinical trial research.

What we do:

  • Study Design & Grant Application
  • Manage studies, including but not limited to:
    • Obtain study approvals
    • Write protocols
    • Design consent and recruitment processes
    • Develop and manage data capture and management systems
    • Develop and manage randomisation systems
    • Undertake statistical analysis
    • Data Sharing
Ways to work with us
Collaborate with us to design a clinical study and obtain funding.
Design bespoke training packages as part of a prestigious fellowship application.
Study adoption
Submit a funded study for adoption onto our portfolio.
Service provision
Request one of our services to support delivery of your study.
Our team
Our team are dedicated to providing world class clinical research

We are based within the Clinical Directorate in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at the University of Liverpool.

Our leadership comes from the Director of the LCTC with strategy and governance provided by the Clinical Trials Oversight Committee which ensures strong clinical engagement and leadership across our portfolio areas.

Collaborate with us
We specialise in the development and delivery of large, multi-centre clinical trials.
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