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The Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Laboratory was established in 2009.

Liverpool Good Clinical Practice Laboratory Facility

The Liverpool GCP Laboratory Facility has expertise in translational sample collection and logistics and extensive experience of acquiring, storing and analysing high quality human biological samples linked to data from clinical research.

The Facility can provide assay support in clinical trials across the ECMC Network and has expertise in the following:

  • Immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridisation (RNAScope).
  • Proliferation assays (T-cell response to immune therapy and vaccines).
  • Cytokine quantification using Luminex (various panels but principally 27plex from BioRad).
  • Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) by FACS analysis.
  • TP53 codon 31 SNP analysis (in CLL) by FACS analysis.
  • Real Time PCR analysis.
  • Limiting dilution NGS analysis of Tp53 (for CTC detection and analysis).

The Facility can undertake bespoke assay validation on request.

Current validated assays include: CK18, M30/M65, NEFA, Cytokine Panel (27), Creatinine, KIM-1, T cell proliferation, hENT-1 and MRD.


Ion Turret

Ion Turret

  • Freezers and fridges (9x −80°C freezers, 6x −150°C freezers, 3x −20°C freezers, 1x −30°C freezer and 2x large 4°C fridges). All temperatures are monitored with independent probes attached to the Pharmagraph Environmental Monitoring System. The total storage space exceeds 600,000 1.5 ml tubes.
  • Customised Matrix Laboratory Information Management System with individual trial workflows - hierarchical and fully auditable.
  • Immunomonitoring: Plate reader and washer, Luminex, reader/imager, beta counter, Tomtec cell harvester.
  • Cytometry: FACSCanto/FACSFortesa, centrifuges, nucleocounter.
  • Molecular biology and histology: PCR machines (including light cycler and biorad), Prokyma bead separation, Maxwell rapid sample concentrator robot, OneTouch, Ion torrent next generation sequencer, TMA arrayer, heating block, Chemidoc digital imager.

Sample Collection

  • Tissue banking activity: Pancreas Cancer Biobank, UK Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) Trials Biobank, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (CCC) Biobank.
  • Centre contacts responsible for sample collection: Pancreas Cancer Biobank (Prof. Bill Greenhalf), UK CLL Trials Biobank (Dr Mel Oates), CCC Biobank (Dr Maria Maguire).
Contact us
Liverpool GCPLab Facility,
1st Floor,
William Henry Duncan Building,
6 West Derby Street,
L7 8TX
+44(0)151 795 8030
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